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On October 14, Moscow wrote its name on the gastronomic map of the world: for the first time in history, Moscow restaurants received Michelin stars

Michelin Stars for Moscow Restaurants 


We have been waiting for this event for an infinitely long time: the Michelin guide is now in Russia for the first time in history. However, at the moment only Moscow restaurants have gained the stars.

In total, 9 restaurants were awarded: 2 of them received 2 Michelin stars and 7 restaurants received 1 star each. Another 45 restaurants in the capital were included in the list of recommended ones. The most outstanding restaurants, awarded by 2 stars, are the Twins Garden run by twin brothers Berezutsky and the Artest by Artem Estafev. The one-star restaurants are Selfie, Beluga, Grand Cru, White Rabbit, Biologie, Sakhalin and Savva.

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