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All the itineraries we make are tailor-made, so there are no limits for your imagination. The itineraries below are to give you an idea of what we can do.

heart of the country

Central  Russia

The cultural and historical potential of the Central Russia is extremely large. Most of the ancient cities of the region are known far beyond Russia as a part of the famous Golden Ring route, such as Sergiev Posad, Vladimir, Suzdal. Small towns are also well-known for their unique crafts – Fedoskino, Palekh are famous for their lacquer miniatures, Gzhel for ceramics and Rostov Veliky for its enamels. Central Russia will show places of orthodox pilgrimage, a great number of noble estates and memorial sites.

Gateway to Europe

North-West Region

The diversity of the region is unbelievable. Here you can visit a truly European city, Saint Petersburg, admire the pristine nature of Karelia, explore the wild vastness of tundra in Murmansk. Get ready to see the luxurious heritage of Russian Emperors, witness the ancient architecture of the 11th century, be struck by the magic of the northern lights, experience an exciting dogsled ride, and meet cute reindeer.

Beauty in diversity

Volga River District

The district is incredibly diverse and fascinating. It unites completely different cities, like Buddhist Elista, Muslim Kazan, heroic Volgograd, fishing Astrakhan, beautiful ancient Nizhny Novgorod, and relaxing Samara. This district is a real treasure for pilgrims, history-lovers, sophisticated tourists and those, who want to dive into something new and unusual.

Romantic mood

South Region

Many tourists think that Russia is a snowy frosty place with bears and deers. It is true for the northern part, but not for the whole country. The Southern Region is the heart of recreational tourism in Russia. It offers everyone to enjoy its sunny warm weather on the Black sea beaches and breathe fresh mountain air. Besides, you can explore the objects of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and have a walk on a skybridge, taste Massandra wines, visit the ancient city Chersonesus Taurica and admire beautiful palaces in Crimea.

Sleeping land


Siberia will permit you not only to admire boundless landscapes of rare beauty: majestic mountain chains & legendary rivers. You will discover populations, between ancestral idioms and shamanic rites. You’ll remain impressed by the mountains and lakes of Altay, adjoin of the world’s most famous lake in Irkutsk, pay homage to Buddhist relics & listen to Old Believers’ performance in Buryatia, and connect with mysterious shamanism in Yakutiya.

Gateway to Asia

Far East Region

A magic world of the Far East of Russia with magnificent nature & unique animal life will certainly conquer you. You’ll discover the land of volcanoes & geysers in Kamchatka, reach the endpoint of the Transiberian railway in Vladivostok, and feel the perfect mix of European and Asian cultures in Sakhalin.

The border between Europe and Asia


The region has everything required for a pleasant holiday. You can visit the capital of the region Ekaterinburg, stand on the border between Europe and Asia, learn about the last days of Tsar Nicholas II, visit the village of Grigory Rasputin. You can also get acquainted with mining technology and a place of exile of the famous Decembrists. Moreover, during your tour, you can compare the life of the Ural big city with the outback.

Gems Around

Neighbor Countries

Russia is bordered by so many different distinctive countries! Travel with us through the mountains of Georgia and Armenia, visit the cradle of Rus – Kiev and get to know the wonderful Baltic countries.

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