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Explore destinations in the most famous or unusual corners of Russia and find the one that you’ll fall in love with!

heart of the country

Central  Russia

Central Russia, located in the European part of the country, is the most populated part of Russia, surrounding Moscow, and its historical center over the past 6 centuries. There are plenty of cities and towns with countless architectural, historical and literary monuments and museums. This is the perfect region to learn about ancient Russia.

Gateway to Europe

North-West Region

North-West, for a long time, the developments that happened in the region determined the history of the whole country: the accession of the first Russian dynasty ancestor Rurik, the first democracy in Rus’ that took place in Velikiy Novgorod, the foundation of Saint Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Empire and the so-called window to Europe. In the kaleidoscope of events in this region, we can see a lot of important milestones of Russian history.

Beauty in diversity

Volga River District

The district is located in the southeast of the European part of Russia. The greatest river of the country Volga is a rod, joining all the parts of the region together. The district includes a lot of different ethnic groups with unique traditions, various religious centres from Islamic to Buddhist, stunning landscapes from beautiful forests to boundless steppe, and fantastic architecture.

Romantic mood

South Region

Southern Russia stands out by its beauty and extensive history. Over the centuries it was trembled by the struggles between Cossacks, Russians, Tatars, and other nations, until peace came to these lands. This region was always praised by many outstanding poets and plays a special romantic role in the Russian outlook, due to its mild climate, enjoyable Black Sea beach resorts, picturesque mountains, and big opportunities for adrenaline lovers.

Sleeping land


Siberia, lying on the east of the Urals, dispels the myth of being just a steppe, endless and cold. Usually associated with the Transsiberian railway and concentration camps of Stalin’s times, Siberia will give you another idea of itself.

The border between Europe and Asia

The region is located around the Ural mountains and stretches from the borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. The Urals are the only mountains all over the world, which divide a continent by Europe and Asia. The region occupies a huge territory of the country, absorbing European order and Asian adventurism. An interesting history, gemstones, metal deposits, amazing Ural nature and warm welcome will leave nobody indifferent.

Gateway to Asia

Far East Region

The Far East is the last bastion in the east of enormous Russia. Far from the modern megapolis of Moscow & from the cultural fascination of St. Petersburg, the Russian Far East shows another face of our unique country.

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