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Two great events regarding Karelia took place last week!  On the same day (28/07/21) we got a new UNESCO World Heritage Site and a new train route!

Your New Experience in Luxury Carriage 

Itinerary Outline & Facilities in Detail  

The Russian Railways have launched a new round tourist itinerary Moscow – Sortavala – Mountain Park Ruskeala – Moscow. If before a trip to Karelia usually started from St. Petersburg, now you can easily plan it directly from Moscow too! A direct luxury carriage will be run by train N160 Moscow-Perozavodsk & Ruskeala Express N925/926. The departure is foreseen on Friday from Leningradsky Railway Station of Moscow, the return is foreseen on Sunday. In this luxury carriage there are 4 comfortable compartments, each of them has 2 berths, an armchair, a folding table, as well as an individual dry toilet and shower.

Karelian Fascination 

Tour Highlights 

During this amazing trip you’ll have a chance to visit a historical Karelian town of Sortavala, to touch the history of the creation of the marble mining site during the excursion Underground Ruskeala, as well as to get a ride in the park in a horse-drawn carriage driven by a cabman in the stylized form of the beginning of the last century. For nature lovers there is also a possibility to visit Akhinkoski waterfall. Karelian dishes, magnificent nature and clean Karelian air will certainly make this tour really exciting!


Finally on the UNESCO World Heritage List 

Now you have one more reason to set off on a journey to Karelia! On July 28, 2021 Petroglyphs of Lake Onega and the White Sea were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List!  The images of birds, animals, fish, people, boats and other mysterious signs, the total number of which exceeds three thousand, date back to the 4th-2nd millennium b.c. and are significant sites of the monumental art of the Neolithic era.

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