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Vostochny Railway Station

On the 29th of May, 2021 a new railway station opened its doors to travellers in Moscow. It has become the 10th railway station in Moscow and the first one built in the last century!

New Entry

New Moscow Railway Station Vostochny

Even if the pandemic has recalibrated our existence, our life is going on and development can’t be stopped. The city of Moscow continues its infrastructure growth with the opening of the new railway terminal Vostochny! The Vostochny (meaning Eastern) railway station got this name thanks to its geographical position as it’s situated in the Cherkizovo district in the East of Moscow, unlike the major part of Russian and European railway terminals usually located in the city center.

Key Transport Hub

New Connections

The new Vostochny station belongs to the Russian Railways and was projected to connect the railway and metro stations in the Kursk direction, as well as the Moscow central circle (MCC) to create an important transport interchange hub. More than 100 different routes are accessible thanks to the interchange of the new terminal to the metro, the MCC and the surface transportation. The access to the capital airports will be easier for transit passengers using the new railway station’s connection with MCC.

Long-Distance Operation

Long-Distance Trains of the New Railway Terminal

About 48 long-distance trains were transferred from Kursky railway terminal to permit the launch of the D4 Line of a new rail transit system known as Moscow Central Diameters. Among them: 20 Strizh and Lastochka high-speed trains from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod and Ivanovo. So, now your trip to Nizhny Novgorod will start from this new terminal!
The rest 28 trains are transit ones passing via Moscow on their way from the northwestern to the southern regions of the country, for example trains going from St Petersburg and Murmansk to the cities of Adler, Belgorod, Volgograd, Novorossiysk, and Chelyabinsk and others.

Distinctive Features

New Terminal Facilities

The terminal, serving both short- and long-distance trains, is a modern complex of the European level, featuring modern transport security systems as well as heating, ventilation, fire and air-conditioning. The total surface of the complex is about 10.000 sq.m. including a passenger terminal and 2 platforms. This modern complex in a high-tech style includes a 200-chair waiting hall equipped with USB charges, business-class hall and mother and child rooms, universal ticket offices, automatic storage and a food court, not so big but still. For elderly people, people with special needs, mothers with children and people with luggage 4 special escalators and 3 elevators are installed. Wi-Fi is available on the whole territory of the complex. ATMs, vending machines, and power banks renting are also at your disposal.

New Times

Post-Covid Reality

New post-covid reality also takes place even here: advanced booking offices and contactless options together with special devices to disinfect escalators are foreseen in the new terminal. Moreover a medical point at the station offers not only primary medical service but Covid-19 vaccination too.


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