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A city in the north of Russia, situated not far from the shore of the North Sea

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A True

North Fairytale

Arkhangelsk’s climate is quite harsh. There is a lot of snow everywhere in winter. A true north fairytale!

Arkhangelsk is a port city, in the 16-20th centuries it was the only seaport in Russia from which Russian goods traveled to other countries. The development of the city is strongly connected with navigation and trade. You can learn the history of Russian navigation, legendary ships, and impressive stories of personalities famous in the sphere in the Northern Sea Museum.

short city information

350 thousand people
2 hours by plane from Moscow
Sea port
Reindeer, Malye Korely, Seafood

types of tourism

A lady with binocular sightseeing



A man riding a snowmobile in winter


Wild Nature


Two jars with caviar, black sturgeon caviar and red salmon caviar



Meet Real  Reindeer

The north of Russia is inhabited by unique animals. Not far from Arkhangelsk there is a reindeer herders’ village where it is possible to meet real reindeer!

These animals are very graceful and cute! Without any doubt, you will fall in love with them from the first sight! It is also possible to have a reindeer sleigh ride on the snow and take unique pictures with the animals.


Malye Korely  Museum

On the territory of Arkhangelsk, there were lots of northern villages; some of them are preserved till nowadays.

You can get acquainted with the traditional way of life of the north people in Malye Korely Museum. There is a unique collection of monuments made of wood preserved from the 16-20th centuries.

The wooden architecture of the North inspires everyone, immersing people in the magic of the amazing unity of the harsh northern nature with the creations of human hands.

Ships & Fishermen

The White  Sea

The White Sea has always played an important role in the fate of the city. Thanks to its favorable location lots of ships entered the sea that made Arkhangelsk one of the largest port cities for several centuries.

Fish and other seafood caught in the waters of the White Sea feed not only the citizens of Arkhangelsk but a lot of people outside the city. A fisherman is an honorable profession here that is passed from a father to a son.


Northern  Seafood

As the city is situated near the sea there is always fresh and delicious seafood in the restaurants of Arkhangelsk. The most famous fish here is codfish, which is cooked in many different ways: codfish soup, baked codfish, fried codfish, salted codfish, etc. Don’t lose the chance to try these tasty dishes!

A sandwich with a lot of greens and salmon slices served in a restaurant

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