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Everyone, who is fond of travelling, learning something new, meeting with culture, traditions and history, undoubtedly must visit Kaluga and its region. Visiting this wonderful primordial Russian city will become an unforgettable pastime for you
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Space, Nature and Monasteries

Have you already visited large cities, like Moscow, St. Petersburg in Russia? Are you trying to find something new in our country? Have you ever heard anything about small city Kaluga? Now it is your chance to explore Russian city of contrasts with KMP Group.

Kaluga is a small city located in central Russia. It is not so far from Moscow – only 160 km. Today Kaluga is one of the most picturesque cities in Russia, where modern high-rise buildings, factories and shops coexist with old churches, old-fashioned alleys and outlandish nature. We invite you to visit this city of contrasts.

short city information

330 thousand people
3 hours 30 min by bus from Moscow
Cosmonautics Museum, Optyna Monastery, Nikola Lenivets

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Cradle of Cosmonautics

The Cosmos Route in Kaluga

Let start our acquaintance with Kaluga with the Cosmos Route. In 1892 K.E. Tsiolkovsky moved from Borovsk to Kaluga. And henceforth Kaluga became the ground for the thoughts about the space exploration, and later people began to call it “the Cradle of Cosmonautics”. In one year after Tsiolkovsky’s death the museum was opened in his house.
An unusual building of the Soviet period, part of the building looking like the top of a rocket, staircase in front of the building
A costume of a soviet cosmonaut in an armchair, some mechanisms
Exposition of a Soviet cosmonautics museum, costumes and other equipment of Soviet cosmonauts

© Kaluga Region Tourism Committee

The first in the world and the biggest in Russia museum about cosmonautics was opened in Kaluga – thanks to Korolev, who was sure, that the museum has to be situated in the city, where Tsiolkovsky lived and worked. Now museum’s fund consists of 60 000 storage units.

Spiritual Centre of the region

Optina Monastery

Another beautiful place of interest for tourists in Kaluga region is Optina Monastery. The foundation of the Kozelskaya Vvedenskaya Optina Pustyn dates back to the beginning of the 15th century. Currently, there are 7 churches in Optina Pustyn: Vvedensky, Vladimirsky and Kazansky on the territory of the monastery; a temple in the name of Hilarion the Great at the gate of the monastery; church in the name of John the Baptist in the skete. The temple in honor of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God was re-erected on the site of the destroyed one. Today it is the biggest monastery for men with 200 monks living there.
An architectural ensemble of an Eastern Orthodox Monastery, Green cathedral and bell tower with round blue dome, yellow building and other domes of orthodox churches around
Interior of an Eastern Orthodox church, wall with images of Christian saints, Holy relic

© Kaluga Region Tourism Committee

Land Art Paradise

Nikola Lenivets  Art Park

Your journey to Kaluga region will be unforgettable with the visit to Nikola Lenivets Art Park. It is a unique museum of modern art located in the natural environment. Within the area of 650 hectares one can observe a collection of more than 30 objects d’art created by most famous Russian and foreign artists and architects.

The Nikola Lenivets Park has got all the necessary accommodation and recreation facilities: a camp site, a parking lot, guest houses and a restaurant. Since 2006 the park has hosted the annual Archstoyanie festival. During this event the guests — artists and architects — create new landscape objects in the territory of Nikola Lenivets. The festival quickly gained popularity as one of the key summer events for lovers of contemporary art and architecture. Every year 5–7 new objects of modern art appear in the park. They enrich the museum collection created within the confines of this prominent cultural project.

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