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Region: Central Russia

Moscow Region

If you have just one free day in Moscow and want to change this crowded metropolis to a quiet historical town, similar to the Golden Ring but located not far from the capital, the Moscow Region is your best option, it has much to offer you.

The upper part of a beautiful turquoise and white cathedral during the sunset


Smolensk, located on the border with Belarus, is a Russia’s bulwark to the West. The citadel is one of the oldest Russian cities that strikes tourists with its impressive defensive wall survived to this day, many ancient relicts and picturesque natural site

A wooden mansion in Art Nouveau style, green wooden house with windows of unusual shape and yellow carved decorations around them, house with towers, one round tower

From Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod: Hidden gems beyond Golden Ring

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to deeply experience the central historical part of our country, from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod located on the Volga River. You will be dazzled by the clash of modernity and tradition in Russia, its Kremlins, numerous cathedrals, ornate architecture, holy places, and folk art. During the tour, you will have a chance to see plenty of small rural towns charming you with their authenticity and people’s hospitality.

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