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The gates of the Arctic, one of the largest ports in Russia, and the base of an icebreaking fleet

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Beyond the

Arctic Circle

Murmansk region is situated on the Kola Peninsula (in the North-West of Russia). It is the biggest city in the world that is fully beyond the Arctic Circle. Anyway, the climate is not so harsh as it could be thanks to the warm North Atlantic Current. The city is stretching for 20 km along the Kola Bay. The bay does not freeze even during the most severe frosts so the port can function all year round.

Despite its young age (the city was founded in 1916), Murmansk is very interesting. Due to its landscapes, nature, and weather conditions, it is unique and original. This city is famous for an unusual natural phenomenon that makes thousands of tourists come here every year.

short city information

300 thousand people
2,5 hours by plane from Moscow
Sea port
The Northern Lights, Reindeers, Saami

types of tourism

Two people wearing traditional clothes



A tree, fields, hills, sun, different natural zones: mountains, tundra, taiga steppes, mixed forests



A man riding a snowmobile in winter


A lady with binocular sightseeing


Magic of Northern Lights & Polar Nights

Incredible Natural Phenomena

Murmansk is famous for the northern light. The photographs of it make people think that photoshop was used– the play of colors in the night sky looks so incredible that it is hard to believe that it is true. The northern lights is a natural phenomenon, but both children and adults feel real magic when they see it. Every year thousands of tourists come here to see it.

There is one more natural phenomenon that can be observed in Murmansk – polar nights when the sun doesn’t show up for around 42 days from the beginning of December till the middle of January. 

SAAMI & their animals

Meet Local  Inhabitants

Near Murmansk, you can find the village of the Saami ethnic group. Saami will introduce you to their culture and let you try on their national clothes and make photographs in them. In the village, you will meet the cutest animals of the north – reindeer. You can feed them and take pictures. Then take a ride on reindeer sleighs, enjoying the beauty of the ancient rites, legends, and stories of the villagers.

Other cute inhabitants of the region are huskies. In a Husky kennel you can meet with these lovely dogs, take pictures with them and even have a husky ride: just jump into the sleigh and race over the pure white snow in the twilight of the Arctic winter.

© Murmansk Region Tourism Committee

Where Civilization Ends

Untouched  Corner

Teriberka is an old fishing village on the shores of the Barents Sea with access to the Arctic Ocean. Trip to Teriberka is a transfer in time. To that very corner of the earth, that thanks to Andrei Zvyagintsev became synonymous with the abandoned edge of the Russian Empire and thundered all over the world as the filming location of the genius Leviathan, nominated for an Oscar.

© Murmansk Region Tourism Committee

The road to Teriberka lies through the northern tundra, picturesque lakes, hills, and rocks. The nature of the place is very impressive. It makes you feel like you are an explorer of an uninhabited land. This place drives self-reflection and mind reset.


Nice place for  Fishing

Murmansk region is known for its wide forests and tundra, crystal clear lakes and fast-flowing rivers. A nice addition to the trip is either winter or summer fishing, depending on the season you arrive in the region.

Feel the north in your veins and catch all fishes possible: pike, trout, perch, big cod, halibut, catfish, and Atlantic salmon in the waters of the peninsula during the summer season or learn the tips of ice-fishing in winter after driving a snowmobile.

© Murmansk Region Tourism Committee

Rich not only in nature but in history as well

Sculptures &  Monuments

Although Murmansk is just about 100 years old, there are still lots of interesting places in the city. You can visit a legendary nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin that is now functioning as a museum and see a giant Alyosha Monument representing Soviet soldiers of the 2nd World War.

There is no historical center in Murmansk, but city life is concentrated around the Five Corners Square – a harmonious ensemble of buildings. In the southern part of the city, as well as on the slope of the hill, there is one of the few temples in Murmansk – the Cathedral, consisting of St. Nicholas Cathedral and the Church of Tryphon of Pechenga.

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