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Located on the border with Siberia, the region attracts tourists with its extended history and rich culture, marvellous hot springs, and exciting industrial oil-and-gas sights
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Ural or Siberia?

The Tyumen Region is located in the very center of Eurasia in the Ural Federal District, which is situated from the borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. The region was formed in 1944. Till 2000 the Tyumen region was a part of Siberia, but afterward, it was joined to Ural. As a result, nowadays this region administratively belongs to Ural, and historically to Siberia.

short region information

Severe in the north and in the center and temperate in the south
>800 thousand people
2 hours 45 min by plane from Moscow
Hot springs, Place of exile, Kremlin, Sofia’s-Dormition Cathedral

types of tourism

A lady with binocular sightseeing


Things for sauna: wooden barrel, hat, towel


A sledge with huskies in winter


Oil refinery on the sunset background


A tree, fields, hills, sun, different natural zones: mountains, tundra, taiga steppes, mixed forests


The gate of Siberia

Rich History and Culture

The Tyumen region is widely-known as the Gate of Siberia, which opens most of our country – mysterious, enormous, and fascinating. From there began the development of new Russian lands and the expeditions of the legendary Yermak. A huge history, merchant’s spirit, warm welcome, which Siberia is famous with, will make an unforgettable impression. Amazing historical monuments, breathtaking nature, and rich culture certainly attract tourists from all over the world. Among the oldest and the most interesting cities of the region are Tyumen and Tobolsk.​

For Industrial Tourism

The Kingdom of Black Gold

The Tyumen land is the largest oil-and-gas region in Russia, where 73% of the current Russian oil reserves are concentrated. This region is a treasure for industrial tour lovers, it is the Russian Kingdom of Black Gold. Here you can learn how to drill an oil well on simulators at the Industrial University. You will also be able to see real oil boreholes, visit mighty refineries, get acquainted with oil extraction and processing, and bring a drop of the real oil at home. Moreover, the highlight of the tour can be the tasting of a fish soup with added oil.


A City with the "Happiness Index"

Tyumen is the center of the Tyumen Region, the first European city of Siberia, which has been the most comfortable city for life among Russian cities by a “happiness index” rank three years in a row.

Tyumen invites tourists from all over the world to get acquainted with its rich historical and cultural legacy. Most tourists prefer to visit the historical center, churches, and the former outskirts of the first Russian city in Siberia. Other travelers arrive in Tyumen to enjoy swimming in amazing hot springs, as it`s a real pleasure to dive into hot water in cold weather outside.

The embankment of the city is the main tour facility, which opens stunning views. Near the embankment, there are many historical and architectural sights of Tyumen: the complex of the Trinity Monastery, the church of Michael Archangel, the Znamensky Cathedral, and a lot of other interesting sites.


The Former Capital of Siberia

This city was founded in the 16th century as the center of development of Siberia. It is the former capital of Siberia, one of the most historic cities in the region and one of the most beautiful in the country. Due to the construction of the Trans-Siberian Highway bypassing the city, Tobolsk lost its importance in the 19th century. This city was a place of exile, and between the 1830s and the 1850s M. A. Fonvizin, V. K. Kühelbecker and other Decembrists lived there.
A white quadrate cathedral with one golden dome in the center and four blue smaller domes around it during the pink sunset
A beautiful renovated complex of a fortress of rectangular shape with round towers and a white cathedral with blue and golden domes behind the fortress, a bell tower
A white fortress with a cathedral inside
A beautiful small brick white and pink building with arched wooden windows, a bronze statue of horses with a carriage
A gorgeous interior of a cathedral fully decorated with frescoes, golden chandelier in a cathedral
Nowadays Tobolsk is a beautiful city of wooden and stone architecture. Here you can visit the only stone Kremlin of Ural and the magnificent old city. You can see with your own eyes the most ancient stone structure of the region – Sofia’s-Dormition Cathedral. Besides, Tobolsk is the home of many famous people. For example, the greatest chemist D.I. Mendeleev was born here as well as the artist V.G. Perov, the architect N.V. Nikitin; and one of the most mysterious personalities of the Russian Empire Grigory Rasputin.

All photos on the page are provided by © Tyumen Region Tourism Committee

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