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A city with a huge history, where the greatest Russian monuments are perfectly combined with amazing nature, forming a unique mixture that pleases every visitor

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A Very Extended City

Volgograd is one of the largest cities in Russia located on the right bank of the Volga River. The uniqueness of this city is in its length. The official point of view is that it stretches 85-90 km along the river, but if we take into account the nearest suburb, then its length is more than 120 km. This location makes Volgograd very specific, as it takes almost 4 hours to cross the city.

short city information

About 1 million people
Almost 2 hours by plane from Moscow
Monument “The Motherland Calls”, Mamaev Kurgan, Old Sarepta

types of tourism

A volcano and the sea


A lady with binocular sightseeing


A man wearing a cap showing a fish in his hand


A portrait of an old bearded man, a portrait of famous Russian writer Lev Tolstoy in a golden frame


a look into the past

How the City  Appeared

Volgograd was founded many centuries ago. The first mention in written sources dates back to 1589. At those times the city was called Tsaritsyn. The settlement was located at the intersection of the Tsaritsa and Itil rivers (the Volga River today). Many trade routes have been passing through it that helped the city’s prosperity. Since then Volgograd has been developing and growing gradually: the first steamships wharves appeared and a railway was built.


Great Patriotic Masterpieces

The main attraction of Volgograd is Mamaev Kurgan. This is the largest memorial complex created in memory of the Great Patriotic War. The ensemble is stretching for 1,5 kilometers – from the foot of the hill to its top. Various monuments dedicated to some single memorable moments of the Battle of Stalingrad are placed through its length. And this path is crowned with a multi-ton sculpture – the Motherland Calls – one of the largest statues in the world with a height of 83 meters.

The great canvas such as a panorama of the Stalingrad battle is also dedicated to the memorable battle. At the moment, it is a huge museum that includes several exhibition halls, large file storage facilities, and, of course, an exhibition of this canvas. It depicts the events that took place in January 1943 when the battles for Mamaev Kurgan took place and the German troops began their retreat.


Crucial Historical Moments

In 1925 the city was renamed to Stalingrad. Exactly under this name the city went down in history. In the 20th century, Volgograd has played one of the most significant roles in Russian history. It was here, on the territory of modern Volgograd where the retreat of German troops in the Great Patriotic War began.

The Battle of Stalingrad became one of the decisive ones in the Second World War. This very battle is considered to be the turning point in the course of the war. The hero city was destroyed. There were almost no unbroken buildings. Due to such an intense attack and severe damage, it had to be rebuilt. The central part of the city was completely erected so it’s complicated to recognize the former Tsaritsyn in modern buildings.

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Germans' Settlement of the 18th Century

Another interesting monument of Volgograd is Old Sarepta. It is located in the Krasnoarmeisky District and is dedicated to the settlement of Germans in this area. This is not a separate building, but a whole complex of buildings that have survived from the 18th century. Some of them have been restored to recreate the atmosphere of life at that time. Sarepta is famous for one of the best German libraries in Russia.

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Volgograd today

One of a Kind

Today Volgograd is a modern, beautiful and welcoming city with picturesque nature. Only here it is possible to see the largest river island in Europe, the only underground tram in Russia, which occupies the fourth line in the list of the most interesting tram routes according to Forbes magazine, unique museums, and the famous “Volgograd Bridge” across the Volga, known for its length.

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