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The capital of the Tatarstan Republic and a major religious, scientific, and sports centre in Russia

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The Pearl

of the Volga River

Kazan is widely-known as “Third Russia`s Capital” after Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and the city fully justifies this title. Kazan with a population of 1,2 million people is situated on the bank of the Volga River. The capital of Tatarstan is one of the major religious, educational, scientific, and sports centres in Russia. In the middle ages, Kazan was a part of the Tatar-Mongolian Golden Horde, but in the 16th century after the successful conquest campaign for the extension of the Russian boundaries, Kazan was captured by Tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible) and was joined to the Russian state.

short city information

1,2 million people
1,5 hours by plane from Moscow
Kremlin, Kul Sharif Mosque, Sviyazhsk Island town, Chack Chack

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Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


A mosque with gilded domes


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Two jars with caviar, black sturgeon caviar and red salmon caviar


Christianity and Islam

Friendship ofIrreconcilable Religions

Nowadays Kazan is a very beautiful multinational and multicultural city, which attracts a lot of tourists all over the world. Here Tatars and Russians, who were once irreconcilable enemies and rivals, live side-by-side in a very friendly way, as well as Christianity and Islam: tourists can see on the same street neighbouring Orthodox temples and Muslim mosques.

Kazan Kremlin is the brightest example of such peaceful coexistence of religions. It is the main touristic object of the city, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This majestic Kremlin was built according to the permission of Tsar Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century. Within the Kremlin, tourists will see the Kul Sharif Mosque, the symbol of Kazan and one of the most magnificent Mosques in Europe, and the Annunciation Cathedral, a very beautiful Orthodox temple, located not far from the Mosque.

Tatar People

History, Culture, and Food

It`s a pleasure for tourists to walk around the amazing buildings and mosques of the Old Tatar Sloboda, where they can dive into the history and culture of the Tatar people. Other interesting sights of the city are the unusual tower Syuyumbike and the famous Temple of all religions, which combines the best of the world’s major religions. Near Kazan Kremlin, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan is situated. This Museum contains a very impressive collection of weapons, jewelry, and archaeology. Tourists will learn a lot about the history of the Tatar people and their literary figures.

For those, who want to get acquainted with national desserts and drinks, we offer to visit the Chack Chack Museum. In this amazing interactive museum, tourists can taste Tatar sweets, especially ‘chak-chak’, which represents balls of dough, baked in honey, and drink tea from a samovar.

An Orthodox monastery consisting of white churches, buildings and walls.
A white Orthodox church with three domes
An Orthodox white church with a tall bell tower topped with a golden cupola

The Atmosphere of the Past

The First Orthodox Island Town

Sviyazhsk Island town is situated about 70 km from Kazan. It is considered to be the only Island historical town on the Volga River, situated on a beautiful hill, where the Sviyaga River flows into the Volga. In 1551 during the capture of Kazan Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible founded a fortress on the hill in a very short time, and after his victory, it was turned into the first Orthodox town on those lands.

Here guests can dive into a unique atmosphere of the past and will get acquainted with specific features of medieval Orthodox culture and architecture. Among the most popular historical monuments of the town is Trinity Church – the only wooden church in Sviyazhsk, preserved from the 16th century. Inside this small beautiful church, tourists can feel themselves like in a time machine.

It`s Unbelievable!

Miracle   Cures

Kazan is also famous all over the world for the Virgin Monastery of Raifa, founded in the 17th century. The Monastery is situated about 30 km from the city in the picturesque Nature Reserve on the bank of the amazing lake. It keeps a very ancient icon of the Mother of God that is famous for miracle cures from all the diseases. It`s also a good option to escape from the city vanity for some fresh air and calming the nerves.
A monastery on a shore of a lake. Two churches, a Bell tower and green trees are reflected in the lake.

A modern sporty metropolis

Kazan Nowadays

Protecting its extensive history, Kazan is open for new opportunities. Nowadays the city is considered to be a modern metropolis, which is attractive to a lot of tourists all over the world. Besides, a short time ago Kazan was a host city of many major international sports competitions, for example, the Universiade, Football Championships, World Aquatics. Once arrived in Kazan, travellers will be glad to return this wonderful city again and again.
Eclectic palace with a carved cupola and a giant bronze tree inscribed in the decorative mirror arch of the main dome
Depositphotos_145930991_L (1)
Round building of an unusual architectural style. The base of the building with gothic arch shaped windows. The top is in shape of a bowl or a copper. Flowers in front of the building
Panoramic view of a palace with two symmetric wings and a dome, a square, an embankment, a river with tall modern buildings and a stadium on the other side of it.

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