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Classic Tour of Ukraine: Kiev & Lviv

Kiev is the administrative, economic, scientific, cultural, and educational center of Ukraine. Lviv is the city where a special atmosphere of romanticism reigns and stunning architectural masterpieces help to plunge into the harmony and comfort of ancient narrow streets.









Tour Details

From Modern Metropolisto Pearl of Ancient Times

Today’s Kiev is a rapidly developing city, where majestic ancient architecture and the lively atmosphere of a large metropolis successfully coexist. The richest cultural heritage of Kiev opens up a wide variety of historically significant places and unique architectural structures for local residents and tourists. Enjoy this wonderful ancient capital and then move to Lviv, city with incredible architecture and the largest number of monuments in Ukraine. We will visit amazing ancient castles of Lviv – the pride of the Ukrainian region. They were built by the Polish kings and nobles, and more than once these castles turned out to be in the center of decisive bloody events in the history of Ukraine. Besides Lviv can offer you not only sights: this city is famous for its gastronomy, coffee and fabulous atmosphere!

Types of tourism

A lady with binocular sightseeing


Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


Small thick pancakes prepared on kefir and decorated with fruits


A lady with binocular sightseeing


Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


Your Travel Plan

1st day of the itinerary

Kiev - the Heart andthe Capital of Ukraine

Welcome to Kiev- the capital of Ukraine! Kiev is an ancient city with an amazing fate and unique history. Upon arrival, you will be met by an excellent guide speaking your native language and transferred to the
hotel for dinner & accommodation.

Why to go?

About  Ukraine

Situated in the southeastern part of Europe Ukraine is one of the most colorful countries, open and friendly for tourists from all over the world. This is a country of fertile lands, rich history and amazing traditions, and many charming places that can change the mindset even of the most skeptical tourist.

Borsch with cream served with brown bread, green onion, garlic

Ukraine attracts with the natural beauty of the steppes, the mysticism of the Carpathian Mountains, the only desert in Europe – Aleshkovsky Sands, next to which is located the world’s largest artificial forest with perfectly evenly planted trees and exotic plants, waterfalls, and deep rivers, and the endless blue of the sky and goldfields have been found reflected in the national flag. Ukraine has a rare flavor, has preserved centuries-old traditions, it is a country with a mild curative microclimate, original folk art, and deep Slavic culture.

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