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Highlights of Armenia

If you haven’t been to Armenia, that is the best way to explore this amazing country. With our route you can feel the soul and spirit of Armenia



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All the Beauties of Armenia in One Trip

In just 6 days you will have time to visit a lot of landmarks of Armenia. The beautiful capital Yerevan, the best wineries, ancient fortresses, castles and churches. Check the itinerary – you will definitely like it! 

Types of tourism

A lady with binocular sightseeing


Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


Small thick pancakes prepared on kefir and decorated with fruits


A lady with binocular sightseeing


Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


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1st day of the itinerary

«Pink City» Created by Volcanoes

After meeting with a local guide on arrival to Armenia, you will have a sightseeing tour in the capital of the country, Yerevan. Yerevan is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The city attracts by ancient architecture and fascinating nature. Yerevan is known as the “pink city”, its buildings were all made of naturally coloured volcanic rocks of varying shades of pink, giving the city a vibrant and lively atmosphere! Although stone construction of pink tuff is special and rare in other countries, it is very common in Yerevan, both thanks to the abundance of the material and the local craftsmanship.

The heart of the capital is the Republic Square with its magnificent buildings. Here there are “singing fountains” and the National History Museum, here starts Mashtots Avenue where you can find the building of Matenadaran, one of the world’s largest book repository. Other landmarks of the city are the opera house with the Conservatory in Liberty Square and the Cascade behind it. The last is the artistically decorated staircases, fountains, flowers and sculptures of world-famous artists such as Botero, Chadwick, Flanagan. If you climb to the top of the Cascade, you can see the fabulous views of Yerevan.

Yerevan is also known for it’s night life where pubs, cafes and restaurants are open till the wee hours of the morning. Locals say that Armenians like to party, have fun and be merry!  

Why to go?

About  Armenia

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Armenia is one of cradlelands of civilization. The country was overwhelmed by most of the great powers of the past and nearly destroyed in the early XX century, then occupied for 70 years by the Soviet Union. Armenia offers many of the most interesting sights that you will not find anywhere else. This is a country of ancient history, stunning landscapes, tasty food and good cognac and wine.

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Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity, and you can see ancient and modern temples everywhere. You can admire the majestic Mount Ararat – the soul and symbol of Armenia, which, by the will of fate, ended up on the territory of Turkey. You will taste its national cuisine: fresh barbecue with juicy vegetables and aromatic herbs, dolma, and drink it all down with wonderful Armenian wine.

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