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The Golden Ring: Journey through the Centuries

The Golden Ring tour helps to get acquainted with orthodox religion and dive deeper into the Russian culture









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History & Religion in OnlyOne Adventure

During 4 day-journey tourists will visit major Golden Ring cities and find out more about religious masterpieces, an ancient mode of life of Russian people and craft traditions. The route won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Types of tourism

A lady with binocular sightseeing


Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


A tree, fields, hills, sun, different natural zones: mountains, tundra, taiga steppes, mixed forests


A lady with binocular sightseeing


Two jars with caviar, black sturgeon caviar and red salmon caviar


A tree, fields, hills, sun, different natural zones: mountains, tundra, taiga steppes, mixed forests


Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


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The wooden orthodox church construction
An old copper teapot, an old cast iron in a Russian stove
The white-red church with a green roof standing on the riverbank.
A view to a big white cathedral with golden domes from the bird-eye view in winter.
Two windows of a wooden house
Kokoshniks (head-bands) of blue and red colors decorated with pearls in a souvenir shop

1st day of the itinerary

Suzdaland Vladimir

From Moscow tourists will be transferred to the first city of the Golden Ring route – Vladimir. The city was formerly a powerful center of the North-Eastern Rus and even Moscow was one of its suburbs at those times.

Tourists will get acquainted with several sites in Vladimir. They will visit Dormition Cathedral where ancient frescoes of magnificent Russian icon painters (e.g. Andrey Rublev) and relics of Great Martyrs are kept, check Golden Gates – the unique architectural monument and symbol of ancient defensive structure and Cathedral of Saint Demetrius – its magnificent openwork carving on the white stone walls occupies an outstanding place in the architecture of the North-Eastern Russia of the 12th century.

Then tourists will move on to the next city – Suzdal, famous for its astonishing historical architecture. Tourists will see the town’s Kremlin that keeps unique masterpieces of Ancient Russian Art and Architecture and Monastery of Saint Euthymius – built in the 14th century and known for its amazing church bells. They will also have a chance to walk around the Museum of Wooden Architecture and take amazing pictures in front of the best wooden constructions (built without any nails) of the 18th-19th centuries.

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Central Russia

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