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Tyumen: the Gate to Siberia

The area with merchants’ spirit, rich historical heritage,
wonderful architecture and famous exiled people









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Let's Explore Ural

In 4 days you will visit the two cities of the Tyumen Region – Tyumen and Tobolsk. The region is located on the border with Siberia. It is famous for a picturesque mix of wooden and stone architecture and merchants’ spirit, and also for the village, where Grigory Rasputin was born and raised. In our itinerary, you will get more exciting information.

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A lady with binocular sightseeing


Oil refinery on the sunset background


Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


A sledge with huskies in winter


A lady with binocular sightseeing


Oil refinery on the sunset background


A portrait of an old bearded man, a portrait of famous Russian writer Lev Tolstoy in a golden frame


Gilded onion domes with crosses of an orthodox church


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The area with fountains and an observation wheel at the backgrounds
A river embankment in a big city
A classical yellow building with portico and white columns at a square at night, Christmas decorations in a Russian city
A cable-stayed bridge at night, a river cruise boat under the bridge
A young couple, walking along the granite faced ebmankement

1st day of the itinerary

Tyumen with itsFascinating Sights

Welcome to Tyumen, the first Russian city behind the Ural Mountains! Upon arrival, in a group with a local guide, you will start a sightseeing tour which includes visits to the Trinity Monastery and the Kolokolnikov’s Museum. The Trinity monastery founded in the 17th century is one of the oldest monasteries in the whole Ural area. You will visit the Kolokolnikov’s Museum, a mansion of rich merchants with well-preserved luxury interiors, and see how the merchants lived in the 19th century.

After lunch, you will enjoy river cruise in Tyumen. Finishing the cruise, we will head to the hotel where we spend the first night of our tour.

Photos are provided by © Center for Tourism Development of Tyumen region

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